University of Otago building fast tracked using precast components.


When the University of Otago had a severe time constraint for completion of a new building, extensive use of precast concrete components made a major contribution to meeting the client’s objectives of a shortened construction program while providing a quality end product.

The University has a huge investment in buildings, and is well informed to make decisions on best solutions for functionality, quality and whole of life costs.

Precasting enabled the shell to be completed quickly reducing construction costs, allowing work on installation of services and finishing trades to commence early. Shortened construction time reduces building costs and enables earlier use of the completed facility.

Extensive use of precast concrete met the client’s requirements for acoustic separation both internally and from outside noise. Extensive use of concrete provided a thermally efficient heat sink to even out temperature variations and reduce heating costs.

Structural precast panels and prestressed precast flooring systems were complemented with precast stairs and precast architectural panels.

A collaborative approach between the builder and the precaster saw a quality building fully meeting the clients needs delivered on time within budget. The good working relationship and great end result meant satisfied client, builder and precaster were all happy to work together for future projects.

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