“Glasscrete” recycled glass for greener concrete.


Precast concrete has always been an environmentally friendly material, not only for its use of non toxic natural materials and its carbon absorbing properties, but it is also recyclable. At end of use it can be crushed to use as hardfill, or to smaller sizes for re use as aggregate. In the process the reinforcing steel is separated out and recycled.

Precast concrete’s environmental credentials have taken a further step with use of recycled glass aggregate.

Lion Nathan’s “Project Century” pioneered the New Zealand use of re cycled glass as aggregate in a precast concrete building.

It was found that concrete using re cycled glass aggregate had improved workability achieving good well formed products with less compaction energy. There were no adverse effects on strength gain so casting cycles were maintained to meet delivery schedules.

The use of recycled glass to replace the natural fine aggregate in concrete improved efficiency and by replacing quarried aggregate with recycled glass, there was a significant reduction in environmental impact.

Recycled aggregates have been used for some time, but the use of glass shows the commitment of the precast industry to innovation and conservation.

The collaborative approach between concrete supplier, constructor and the precaster delivered the environmentally sustainable solution that Lion Nathan was looking for.

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