Precast concrete’s thermal mass and its use of insulation techniques provides occupants with healthier living.


The overall health benefits from a benign indoor environment are now being recognized as a major factor in the overall health of our population. Control of temperature and humidity within an optimum range not only contributes to our comfort, it also has well documented long term health benefits.

Normal fluctuations between daytime and nighttime temperatures are often dealt with using heat pumps to provide cooling during mid day peak temperatures and heating as the temperature drops at night.

Insulated precast concrete provides the added benefit of thermal mass. By absorbing heat during the hotter parts of the day, it reduces peak indoor temperature, and it then releases that stored heat during the night to minimize the temperature drop. This all occurs without additional energy input from heating or cooling systems. It provides cost savings that are free and built in for the life of the building with no further input.

Precast concrete houses provide excellent acoustic separation giving quieter more peaceful living. They also eliminate the “creaking” that is often heard in timber houses as they cool down in the evenings and reduce background noise. There are no residual emissions or hydrocarbons to affect allergies.

Precast concrete is able to provide the design flexibility that Architects and home owners appreciate. It also avoids any of the problems associated with “leaky house syndrome”. There will be no internal rotting, no mould growth in wall cavities or health threatening spores from this, no loss of structural integrity, no possibility of insect infestation in wall cavities.

The home owner is provided with an environmentally friendly, permanent, low maintenance and low whole of life cost structure with first class fire properties.

While normal concrete will not meet insulation standards, two options are taking different approaches to meeting today’s needs. Lightweight concrete, and insulated concrete sandwich panels.

The benefits of insulated concrete are also applied to other types of construction.

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