Membership Information


Corporate Membership of Precast NZ is open to those whose principal activity is the ongoing manufacture and supply of precast concrete for sale to third parties in the open market from an off site static plant. Enquiries for membership are welcome, or download our Corporate Membership application form.


Associate Membership of Precast NZ is for those engaged in any trade, industry or profession directly or indirectly allied to the precast concrete industry and who are not eligible for Corporate Membership.

  • Associate members receive exposure through Precast NZ web Site and other publications.
  • Associate members own web sites are accessible from their listing in the Precast NZ web site.
  • Associate members are seen to be active supporters of the precast concrete industry.
  • Precast NZ Members have an increased awareness of Associate Members and the services they are able to offer to the industry.
  • Associate members are entitled to display the Precast NZ Logo

Download Our Associate Member Application Form


Professional Associate Membership of Precast NZ is for those engaged in any profession such as Engineering, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, provision of design services etc directly or indirectly involved in the use of precast concrete. It is for those with an interest in and who are supporting the development of the precast concrete industry in New Zealand. Professional Associate Membership confers the same benefits as Associate Membership. Application is by submitting the Associate Member Application.

Download Our Associate Member Application Form


Honorary Life Membership may be granted to individuals who have rendered the precast concrete industry and the Association outstanding service over a period of years. Current Honorary Life Members

Leonard George Mc Saveney (2009)
Ross Edward Cato (2009)
Rodney James Fulford (2010)
Derek Lawley (2014)


Lists of Corporate Members or Associate Members or their contact details are not supplied to other parties. Precast NZ will from time to time distribute information that it considers of possible relevance or interest to members. Members have the right to access and correct any information about them held by Precast NZ. Members are advised to check their own information that is accessible from this web site and advise Precast NZ of any inaccuracies, updates, or details they wish to have removed.

Enquiries for membership are welcome.