Plant Certification

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The purpose of the Precast NZ Plant Certification Program is to provide project specifiers, head contractors, building owners and others, with a level of confidence that products purchased from a Precast NZ Certified Plant are supplied from an established operator and a plant with appropriate manufacturing facilities, quality assurance programs, levels of expertise and experience.

Whether precast concrete is required for Architectural, Structural, Cladding, Civil Engineering or any other purpose, purchasing from a Precast NZ Certified Plant ensures that it has been manufactured by a plant with quality procedures in place that have been audited by an independent and accredited inspection body, such as those on the JAS-ANZ Register.

Anyone is able to label themselves a “Concrete Precaster”. A few moulds on a bit of spare land is all that is required to precast concrete. There are concrete precasters, and then there are Precast NZ Certified Precasters.

Purchase from a member of Precast NZ ensures the product is manufactured in an established plant with proper facilities and experienced personnel. Members have significant investment in their plants and have long term goals. They have an interest in quality product and ensuring customer satisfaction to build their reputation and obtain repeat business.

Purchase from a Precast NZ Certified Plant adds a further layer of assurance with independent third party audit of quality systems and a more detailed inspection process.

Precast NZ Certified Plants have a significant investment in manufacturing facilities, quality systems, workforce training with the objective of producing quality product. Cheaper products may be produced without these facilities, but lowest tendered price should never be the sole consideration.

The competitive tender process puts pressure on builders to select the lowest price offered. An experienced builder would hesitate before purchasing readymix concrete from an uncertified plant. Similar caution should be exercised before purchasing precast concrete from an uncertified plant.

Contractors have accepted the lowest price for precast concrete only to find issues with quality, performance, delivery, program and sometimes all of these on the one contract causing a major embarrassment for all involved, as well as added costs.

Quality can be assured by specifying “All Precast Concrete shall be sourced from a Precast NZ Certified Plant”.

Look for plants displaying the “Certified Plant” logo.

The following plants are on the Precast NZ Certified Plant Register

HEB Precast, Mt Maunganui
Wilco Precast, Auckland
Litecrete NZ, Auckland
Formstress Precast, Waiuku
Stresscrete Northern, Auckland
Stresscrete Wellington, Otaki
Busck, Whangarei
Busck, Ngaruawahia
Busck, Plamerston North
Busck, Christchurch
Busck, Invercargill
Stahlton Engineered Concrete, Auckland
Stahlton Engineered Concrete Christchurch
McIntosh Precast, Ashburton
Concretec, Bombay, South Auckland
Lattey, Hastings
Balcrom, Balclutha
Balcrom, Cromwell
Nauhria Precast, Auckland

The following plants have applications currently under consideration and being processed.