Standards And Design Guides


The following New Zealand Standards are particularly relevant to design and production of precast concrete. They are available, together with updates and amendments, and many other concrete related standards from Standards New Zealand

NZS3101:2006 – Concrete Structures Standard

Rules applying to design of concrete structures in New Zealand. Applies to all types of concrete construction including prestressed, precast, in situ, and all elements including beams columns walls, panels, floors etc.

NZS3109:1997 Concrete Construction

Details relating to construction of concrete elements. Reinforcement details for bending, placing etc. prestressing materials, formwork, concrete materials placing finishing and curing. Including dimensional tolerances.

NZS3114:1987 Specification for Concrete Surface Finishes

Standard surface finish details for off the form finishes, exposed aggregate surfaces, floors, etc. It includes photos of typical surfaces meeting the different specifications.


Approved Code of Practice for The Safe Handling, Transportation and Erection of Precast Concrete is available from the Department of Labour or can be downloaded here. The 2002 version will be updated by Worksafe New Zealand. This will be released following Health & Safety legislation due to be passed late 2015


Design guides are available from a number of overseas organisations.

Full books are available for purchase such as :-

The web sites of both these organisations also offer a range of free Technical Brochures covering many aspects of precast concrete.


Hollowcore Test Report is a University of Canterbury paper on performance of connection and seating details for Hollowcore floor systems.

Double Tee Flange Support Test covers testing of a “Loop Bar” flange supported 300 mm double tee subject to support rotation and simulating frame extension under seismic loading. Testing carried out by BRANZ (the Building Research Association of New Zealand).

Standard Bridge Beams is Transfund NZ Research Report No 252 “New Standard Precast Concrete Bridge Beams”.