State Highway One Viaduct Case Study

A precast solution to taking a State Highway over an environmentally sensitive area while maintaining a wildlife corridor.

State Highway One Viaduct

A new route for State Highway 1 from Orewa to Puhoi required construction in some environmentally sensitive areas.

Construction work was required to be carried out with minimal impact on the environment and there was the additional requirement for long service life with minimal maintenance to reduce future disturbance to the environment.

Long span bridges would minimize impact on the forest floor and maintain wildlife corridors.

Factory manufactured precast concrete super tees reduced to amount of work on and around the site. High quality concrete placed in factory controlled conditions with precise positioning of steel components combined to guarantee maximum service life.

Whole of life costs favoured a precast concrete solution which provided the environmental benefits as a cost free bonus.

Maintenance considerations ruled out alternatives not only on account of costs, but also because of the environmental disruption they would cause.

The precast concrete solution ensures the service life will extend well beyond the present generation of users.

For a short 40 second video of super tees being delivered and placed please see below:

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