Architectural Precast Landscape and Seascape Solutions transform an industrial area into a major asset.


Reclaiming Auckland’s waterfront for the city and its people involved transforming a disused industrial wasteland into an inviting and user friendly space that would become a major asset for our largest city.

For so long the city’s waterfront was a potential treasure that was hidden away and inaccessible.

The 36 hectare site was to be developed in time for the Rugby World Cup, and has become a significant and iconic feature of our largest city.

Prime requirements for this landmark development were speed of construction, permanence, quality, and aesthetics.

The harsh exposed marine environment meant that precast concrete was the only solution meeting all requirements for speed, permanence, quality, and aesthetics without compromise,

Marine environments are particularly harsh on all structural materials, particularly in the splash zone. Developments in specialized concrete mixes and improved understanding of the relevant chemistry has led to extended service life of concrete in marine environments. These components will continue to be an asset for many years to come.

Precast concrete planter boxes, seats, bleacher units, ribbed wall panels, and tidal steps leading to the water’s edge all contribute to an attractive welcoming space. This has now become a bustling and exciting place that is being increasingly utilized and attracting further development.

Precast concrete is able to provide an infinite variety of shapes with an extensive range of concrete finishes, textures and colours. In this case precast concrete was the only option for a sustainable attractive solution in a harsh environment.

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